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Everyone I’ve Never Known


Someone you miss without having been with them. Someone you know who doesn’t know you. Someone you long for who is already there … Where do we know others? In our fantasies? Our memories? How are we impacted by people we have never met? In Everyone I’ve Never Known the Vancouver-based figurative collective Phantoms in the Front Yard explored the spaces between strangers and familiars for an exhibition at the Burrard Hotel for a one-night-only exhibition of miniature pieces – 10×10 inches and much smaller.

This show invited internationally recognized multi-media and installation artist Christian Nicolay; and the award-winning, classically trained master of both figure and portrait Mandy Boursicot.

Little pieces, little prices, little duration. Come and spend hardly any of anything with usMany believe this is a time of decreasing contact with our familiars, and increasing contact with acquaintances and strangers, be it through information sharing, celebrity culture, population density, or any other means of interface.  Stranger or familiar, family or friend, big or small, young or old, come and discover the people we’ve never known….and perhaps become one yourself.