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These inanimate objects are symbolic monuments for moments of the artist’s experience. They are distillations of personal stories, conversations and things that he has read, seen, and heard, and they are meant to act as metaphors for those events. Sometimes there is just one moment being symbolized, other times they are a conflation of events. Clues are present as to what their meaning might be via the title and the objects themselves but they require a story being constructed around them by the viewer in order to come to life.

These paintings may be enjoyed through their aesthetic alone: their solitude, simplicity, warmth and glow, and their straightforwardness. If enjoyed enough they may also entice the viewer to be curious as to the story and history of the presented objects; that is when these objects start to ‘speak’ and belie their simplicity. It is the depth of these objects in which their stillness acquires life.

The best way to develop a relationship with these paintings is to view them as Jay Senetchko’s visual diary. Relating to the desire to record thoughts is easy, and trying to ascertain what a person was attempting to say with their esoteric and subjective scribbling can be fun.