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The Systems series draws on the artist’s experience from the worlds of team sports (professional, university and semi-professional soccer) and business (Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and entrepreneur).  This body of work is just as much about the process of creating the imagery as it is about the subject matter. The artistic process begins by creating a sketch from imagination and memory, then piecing together found images to further develop this initial image into a more refined mixed media collage, which is then used as the basis for a drawing.

On occasion the initial collage and drawing will be used as the basis for additional studies from life that will, in turn, be used to create a more developed image.  In other instances the original drawing and collage themselves become the finished piece. The result is a series of works that may change very little or a great deal from their inception, and may or may not have a great deal of time, effort and information devoted toward its realization. This unpredictable process is intended to mimic and represent, in a painterly form, the variable nature of social systems like team sports and corporations.